Interview with the Reporter | Part 2 in the 2018 PRSA Media Day Chronicles

Kristine Glenn - Sep 9, 2018 6:00:00 PM

Liz Engel didn’t end up becoming an economist, but she does have a keen interest in the economy of Cincinnati. Since moving back to Queen City four years ago, Liz has worked as a regular freelance writer and contributor for WCPO and Cincy Magazine.


She covers a little bit of everything such as restaurant openings and the Covington-area resurgence, along with paying close attention to anything going on at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport or the Port Authority.


Cincinnati is a much more competitive market than Liz’s former hometown of Cookeville, Tennessee where she served as the managing editor for the Upper Cumberland Business Journal for the past five years.


“There are some amazing reporters here. There are a few reporters who cover the same beats I do, so I check them daily to make sure they aren’t scooping me on a story,” remarked Liz.  


Who are some of the reporter’s Liz follows?


Lucy May, digital reporter at WCPO. “She’s an amazing writer,” said Liz. 


What’s Liz reading?


“I check my Twitter notifications all the time. Twitter is awesome, but it can be a time suck,” laughed Liz.


Other sources she frequently checks include WCPO, the Cincinnati Enquirer and the Cincinnati Business Courier. Liz also noted how she’s spending more time reading in the evenings and following National Public Radio (NPR) to keep up with the national news.


“It’s hard to keep up when I’m so locally focused,” Liz said. “I like to read stories on one issue from a couple of different sources.”


Does Liz have a dream interview?


Yes, it would be Harry Black, former City Manager of Cincinnati, Ohio, who resigned from the position in April 2018 ahead of a special city council meeting that was scheduled to discuss his termination. Liz interviewed him for Cincy Magazine several months ahead of his resignation, before tensions between he and Mayor John Cranley became publicly known.


“I’d love to talk to him now and get the true story from his side. Does he have regrets? What are his next steps?”


If you want to read Liz’s original interview with Black, you can find it here:


What is Liz looking for in a story?


  • Topics that are relevant or haven’t been talked about
  • Sources I wouldn’t traditionally think of who can offer a different perspective
  • Make it easy as possible to get in touch with people
  • Avoid corporate speak


“I recently interviewed a local executive and she kept talking about irresistible products. I thought to myself, ‘people don’t talk like that in everyday conversation.’ I had to ask questions to find what irresistible means to her,” Liz said. 


I have the unique opportunity to interview several of our Media Day panelists ahead of this year’s event. I’ll share some of their most interesting and insightful nuggets over the next few weeks, but better yet, build your own relationships and connections with these same folks by attending Cincinnati PRSA Media Day on Thursday, October 18. Liz Engel will be serving on our local media panel that will kick off the day’s learning at 10:05 a.m. Save the date and check out the website for registration details coming soon. It isn’t always easy for reporters to carve out time to just sit and shoot the breeze with us, but that’s precisely what our panelists are doing on Thursday, October 18. We can’t wait to see you there. 


About Liz Engel

Liz Engel is a business reporter, runner and once-upon-a-time volleyballer who found her way back to the Queen City following stints in North Carolina and Tennessee. She's spent more than a decade covering topics like health care, transit and entrepreneurship.


Topics: Public Relations

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