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Kristine Glenn - Jan 2, 2018 4:42:00 PM

Welcome to Fat Cat Communications. I have an appetite for getting things done. I believe in hard work. No lengthy processes. No convoluted platforms. And emotion always trumps logic.

Why is this important in a public relations partner? The purpose of public relations is to earn attention for brands in the moments that matter to people, and people are emotional. Science shows that people need emotion to make decisions.People also are more confident in their decisions the faster they make them.

Processes and platforms lack feeling. They can be sluggish and slow. In today’s hyperactive economy, brands that lack feeling or move too slow won’t last long.

Profits are important. I have a degree in economics. I understand KPIs. But profits won’t come if people aren’t emotionally connected to your brand.

Why did I name my agency Fat Cat Communications? I asked my kids to name the company and they wanted to name it after our fat cat, Paul. Emotion always trumps logic.

Topics: Public Relations- Content Marketing- Brand Strategy- Just because

Kristine Glenn

Kristine Glenn

I have an appetite for getting things done. As an advertising and corporate communications leader, I am experienced in bringing people, as well as animals, together. I have led cross-departmental teams and developed trusted relationships with C-Suite executives. I have 20 years of public relations and marketing communications experience, including providing traditional, digital and social media services to billion-dollar brands. I don’t believe in lengthy processes or convoluted platforms. I believe in hard work, empathy and love.

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