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How long should a blog post be in 2018?

As a copywriter and marketer, I write a lot of blog posts. For my clients and, occasionally, for myself. 

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Messenger Bot Has Odd, Crop-Circle-ish Design but Powerful Marketing Potential

I met The Mustache Marketer at a recent networking event. The Mustache Marketer aka Joshua Cahill specializes in Facebook Messenger Bot Creation. Huh? Curious, I picked up his card on my way out. On the back was this:

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Say It Right Meow

Welcome to Fat Cat Communications. I have an appetite for getting things done. I believe in hard work. No lengthy processes. No convoluted platforms. And emotion always trumps logic.

Why is this important in a public relations partner? The purpose of public relations is to earn attention for brands in the moments that matter to people, and people are emotional. Science shows that people need emotion to make decisions.

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