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New Year's Eve Reflections

I don’t like to blog unless I have something truly interesting to say. That’s why I haven’t blogged since September, when I interviewed a bunch of reporters who were much more interesting than me.

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I killed a 16-year-old kid.

The news cycle in Cincinnati has been dominated the past few days by the tragic death of a 16-year-old student involved in a freak accident where the backseat of his minivan flipped, trapped him and ultimately caused him to die of asphyxiation. Questions are swirling in the case because the kid managed to call 9-1-1 twice, yet no one found him.

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On My Litterbox…New Biz Owners Fresh Meat for Scammers

Writing is sometimes cathartic. Since I blog for my business, it only makes sense (to me at least) that I occasionally use this platform to talk about issues personally important to me.

The phrase “on his soapbox” is from the days of tub-thumping public speakers making spur-of-the-moment speeches on street corners standing on a wooden crate used to ship soap.

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Say It Right Meow

Welcome to Fat Cat Communications. I have an appetite for getting things done. I believe in hard work. No lengthy processes. No convoluted platforms. And emotion always trumps logic.

Why is this important in a public relations partner? The purpose of public relations is to earn attention for brands in the moments that matter to people, and people are emotional. Science shows that people need emotion to make decisions.

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