Meet the Fat Cat

The inspiration behind the name.

This is Paul. He’s the inspiration behind the name. Rescued in 2012, Paul weighs somewhere between 15 and 17 pounds. He resides in Cincinnati, along with feisty, six-pound, runt-of-the-litter Molly, and Dixon, an 80-pound lab rescue who was begrudgingly allowed into the household by the cats last year.
Kristine Glenn

Meet Kristine Glenn

Principal Counselor and Founder of Fat Cat Communications

I have an appetite for getting things done. As a public relations and corporate communications leader, I am experienced in bringing people, as well as animals, together. I have led cross-departmental teams and developed trusted relationships with C-Suite executives. I have 20 years of communications experience, including providing traditional, digital and social media services to billion-dollar brands. I don’t believe in lengthy processes or convoluted platforms. I believe in hard work, empathy and love.