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Develop the how, what, where, when and to whom to
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She dives in and demands solutions that far exceed the norm
Kristine doesn’t just take a project from start to completion. She dives in, drills down and demands an extreme level of rich detail and targeted solutions that far exceed the norm.
Jo Wehage
VP of Marketing, Total Quality Logistics
Always professional
Kristine is always professional, responsive and just gets it done!
Teresa Kelley
President, ServiceMaster On the Spot
Fearless and remarkably smart
She is fearless and remarkably smart. She knows what needs to be done and rolls up her sleeves and gets to work and accomplishes consistently outstanding results quickly and effectively.
Ellen DePodesta
President, Ellen DePodesta Communications LLC
Brilliant, detail-oriented marketing professional
Kristine is a brilliant, detail-oriented and strategic-thinking PR and marketing professional.
Tim Sansbury
Consultant, The Marketing Pack
Kristine Glenn

Meet Kristine Glenn

Principal Counselor and Founder of Fat Cat Communications

I have an appetite for getting things done. As a public relations and corporate communications leader, I am experienced in bringing people, as well as animals, together. I have led cross-departmental teams and developed trusted relationships with C-Suite executives. I have 20 years of communications experience, including providing traditional, digital and social media services to billion-dollar brands. I don’t believe in lengthy processes or convoluted platforms. I believe in hard work, empathy and love.